Releases week 49


Here are last weeks releases.

Identity and releationship management

  • Change in Hypernet integration as Hypernet has changed how they send carer - child relationship: Only relevant for customers with Hypernet as their MIS


Fronter standard

All changes are relevant for all customers.

  • Saving task comments: We have two places you can save comments on a task, these earlier saved to two different places. Save is no consistent.
  • When you are done assigning students to an assignment you are now returned to the list view.
  • We have fixed that if a student saved twice the answer would not show for matching questions on multiple page tests.
  • Fix for deleting of answers options not belonging to the question your where deleting in a test.


Only relevant for users of the app

  • New version of the Android app
    • Added support for a new permissions system on Android 6 (the app will ask for permissions when using a feature, not while installing the ap
    • We display room names on the detailed views for Assignments
    • Issue related to the back button in the feedback view in the app. 
    • Android 6 fixed that drop-down icon is missing for institution selection 
    • Android: 1st item is now not selected by default on the assignment selector for uploading a document.


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