Each pupil has a portfolio in Fronter. It contains a copy of all the schoolwork and activities he or she has taken part in, as well as assignment evaluations and test results. All this information is organised in a result matrix.

The pupil can see their own work and activities, which is useful. As a teacher, you get an overview of all your pupils’ work and results, which is even better, as it can be a great starting point for creating each of their individual learning plans.

Using the Individual learning plan, you can evaluate the pupils’ performance against set goals. You know how important it is for pupils to reflect on their learning process along the way, so invite them in to self assess. Involve their parents in setting objectives, and in finding ways to improve performance.

With all this information to hand, presented to you in a tidy overview, it is easier to plan next steps. To gage your pupils’ knowledge before entering new territory, why not create a quick test? Connect the Test to a learning goal and you’ll quickly discover which level to begin at.

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