Assessment for learning along the way is at least as important as assessment of learning at the end of a topic or course. You’ll find the flexibility to do both inside Fronter.

We also know that pupils benefit hugely from self-assessment and give plenty of opportunities for doing just that. Together, teachers and students can find, and commit to, strategies to help them reach their next potential level of learning.

When you connect learning Goals to Assignments, Tests, Forums and Tasks, you can track your pupils’ progress throughout, and at the end of, a course period. Automatically graded Tests can give pupils immediate feedback. Questions can be put into a question database for re-use.

When assessing an assignment, whether handed in by a pupil or a group of pupils, you can add shorter or longer comments and evaluations, right where it represents the greatest learning opportunity. While it is easy, and for some pupils perhaps tempting, to copy the work of others, we all know that they learn more by producing original work. Ephorus plagiarism control is a Fronter partner that detects copied work and presents the findings in a simple dashboard.

The outcome of all written assessment in the tests and assignments will, together with the work done by the pupil, end up documented in the pupil’s portfolio.

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