While it is easy, and for some perhaps tempting, to copy the work of others, we all know that pupils learn more by producing original work. Ephorus plagiarism control is integrated with Fronter, giving teachers a quick and easy tool for detecting and fighting plagiarism.

Ephorus will automatically compare all work handed into the system with

  • Documents on the internet
  • Other documents handed in by students
  • Documents from other institutions using Ephorus (if you have chosen this option)

How does it work?

The Fronter hand-in folder is adjusted so that all work submitted is automatically scanned for plagiarised content.

Each time the system is used (anywhere and by any school or university), the database of documents and pupil papers for plagiarism detection grows.

Plain Text, Word, OpenOffice, PDF and HTML files can all be scanned.

Both teacher and pupil will receive an email report with plagiarism scan results.

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