SMS messaging

Mobile phones have changed the way the world connects. Phones are getting smarter all the time and most people today have one. Text messaging is a cheap and effective way to send important messages to teachers, staff, parents and pupils.

With SMS messaging

  • Teachers can inform pupils and colleagues of time or venue changes, and send reminders or messages to boost morale before an important test.
  • Pupils receive up to date information on class times and schedules and for extracurricular clubs or activities.
  • Parents receive reminders and notices of activities at the school and upcoming events or information meetings.

How  SMS messaging works

  • Fronter administrators have direct control over who has access to send SMS and to whom they are able to send.
  • The school purchases a 'Pay-as-you-go/cash card,' representing a fixed number of text messages.
  • Text messages can be sent to individuals or groups and are sent directly from Fronter.
  • The SMS messaging tool gives full reporting of text messages sent and received.


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