Great teachers help pupils learn new things, using a variety of tools and methods, guiding their progress through the curriculum. Explore the opportunities for using Fronter to reach “listening learners”, “seeing learners” and “experience learners”.

Teachers all around the world have created millions of Pages with structured course content including text, images, sound, video and links to other resources. These Pages can be shared, improved upon, and used again and again.

Test is so much more than an assessment tool. A quiz to trigger existing knowledge of a topic before you begin can be both helpful and fun. Another way for you to gage pre-existing knowledge of a topic, to brainstorm or to pool the collective knowledge of all your pupils, is Forums.

If you combine Pages and Tests, you can set up a Learning Path. In between pages with learning materials you can insert tests that your pupils have to pass to “level up”. If they fail, demonstrating that they have not learnt what you set out to teach, you have the opportunity to present the material in a new way.

You can easily use courses created by others inside Fronter, if they're in a standard format like Scorm. There’s a lot of really good learning tools out there that Fronter partners with, such as the math problem solving engine Kikora and the creative video and animation extravaganza Creaza.

Use Assignment to set tasks, homework and assignments. Your pupils can submit work in any number of ways, ranging from Microsoft documents to images, sound recordings or video. From the beginning, Assignment was designed with the busy teacher in mind and set up to support an efficient workflow for interacting with students. They get an overview of new, current and past assignments that is always up to date. You get a continuously updated status overview to help you stay on top of who needs following-up.

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